To enable a sustainable growth and development, Côte d’Ivoire needs to diversify its commercial partners and attract more foreign direct investment. European investors have historically contributed to the development of Côte d’Ivoire and still represent the largest group of investors today.


The District of Abidjan: Abidjan is the economic capital of Côte d’Ivoire.

The District of Abidjan is the central administration in charge of the management and development of the city. The District has a portfolio of important projects. The Governor of the District is nominated by the President of the Republic and holds rank of minister. The current Governor is Mr. Beugré Mambé.


Some projects of the District (in PPP) 

CCIA building

In the heart of the business district of Plateau, the CCIA (Centre de commerce international d’Abidjan) building is a landmark of the Abidjan skyline. A full-scale renovation is projected.

Cost: 13 billion fcfa


Pyramide building 

This other landmark of Abidjan will be completely renovated. It will house offices and attractions for visitors. Cost: 18 billion fcfa


Convention Centre

Building of a modern convention center near the International airport of Port-Bouët. The estimated investment is 22 billion fcfa. The District of Abidjan provides 50 ha of land for the realization of the project.




Prioritized PPP projects



Re‐launch of Maize/Soybean production

Creation of rice farm complexes

Pilot project to support the production, processing and commercialisation of irrigated rice



Construction of wholesale markets in Abidjan and 7 regional capitals

Fair parks in Abidjan



Infrastructure and equipment for the introduction of digital terrestrial television



Building of the University of Daloa

Building of the University of Korhogo

Building of the University of Bondoukou + maintenance work

Building of the University of Man + maintenance work

Building of the Universiy of San Pedro + maintenance work

Building of the University Campus in the area of Abidjan



Development of the Banco park

Development of Dalhia Fleur



Industrial AGROPARC

Rehabilitation of the industrial areas of Abidjan

Development of new industrial zones in the cities of the hinterland

Development of new industrial areas of Abidjan



Rehabilitation of the Abidjan‐Ouagadougou‐Kaya railway line

PASP – Construction of a SAN PEDRO‐MAN railway line for the iron ore and a mineral platform at the port of SAN PEDRO



PAA ‐ Construction and utilization of a mineral platform at the port of Abidjan

PAA ‐ Creation and utilization of a grain Terminal

PAA ‐Construction and management of a de‐ballasting unit for processing industrial slops and effluents

PASP ‐ Development of a port zone (181 ha)

PASP‐ Development and utilization of a container terminal



Rehabilitation and maintenance of the Abidjan ‐ Yamoussoukro‐Bouaké

Korhogo‐Ferké‐Ouangolo‐Border trunk road

Rehabilitation and maintenance of the Abidjan‐Abengourou‐Agnibilékrou-Bondoukou‐Bouna‐Border and paving of Bondoukou ‐ Ghana trunk road

Rehabilitation and maintenance of the San‐Pedro‐Man‐Touba ‐ Odienné roadand paving of the Odienné‐Samatiguila‐Mali border trunk road

Rehabilitation and maintenance of the ABIDJAN‐SAN PEDRO‐TABOU coastal trunk road



Intergrated system of Video‐surveillance of institutions, public areas and buildings (SIVIEEP)

5,000 housing units for the Police, Gendarmerie, FRCI and other public servants

Construction of 60 000 housing units



Construction of the Côte d’Ivoire‐Ghana gas pipeline

Construction of a hydrocarbon depot and a petroleum platform in San Pedro

Construction of a petroleum product depot in Ferkéssédougou

Construction of a floating terminal for the storage and re‐gasification of natural gas

Creation of gas filling stations in the districts

Extension and rehabilitation of the electricity transport and distribution network



Project for networking the country with optic fibre

Project of 5,000 cyber centres in the villages



Construction of abattoirs in the Abidjan and Anyama animal markets



Completing, equipping and utilizing the Angré Hospital

Building, equipping and utilizing the nuclear medicine Centre

Rehabilitation, equipping and maintenance of the University Hospital of Yopougon

Rehabilitation, equipping and maintenance of the University Hospital of Cocody

Rehabilitation, equipping and maintenance of the University Hospital of Treichville

Rehabilitation, equipping and maintenance of the University Hospital of Bouaké

Rehabilitation, equipping and maintenance of CHR of Korhogo

Rehabilitation, equipping and maintenance of the Heart Institute of Abidjan

Building/equipping and utilizing the National Radiotherapy and Oncology Centre of Abidjan



Construction of a Sport/study high school in Bouaké (1,000 students)



Rehabilitation, utilization of the Golf Clubs of the Golf Hotel and the Hôtel Ivoire of Abidjan

Rehabilitation and utilization of the Hôtel Président of Yamoussoukro, of the Golf Club of Yamoussoukro and the Animal park of Abokouamékro

Rehabilitation of 5 former SIETHO hotels and Construction of 25 3‐star hotels in regional capitals



Creation of driving licence examination centres (10 centres)

Concession for the financing, developing, building, utilizing and maintening of the new interurban road transport station of Abidjan

Building and utilizing of toll booths (3 bridges)


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